25 August 2015

New EP coming out soon – the “Rain” EP

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Hello folks,

I am pleased to announce that I am working on a new EP with 5 new tracks.

The name of this new EP is “Rain” (probably inspired by the latest heat wave in France…) and the track listing will be the following:





5. 73 (instrumental)

These are songs I have been working on since a while, and actually it has been a while since I have not recorded new stuff.

I was encouraged in writing songs again thanks to my dear cousins Matthieu & Cyrille Latour.

I have started recording these new songs in June 2015 at the Music Factory recording studio in the north-west suburbs of Paris.

I have been helped in this new project by Aurélien Ouzoulias ( who played the drums and Julien Vonarb ( )(guitars, production).

I played the bass parts and also the piano parts which were recorded at the BopCity recording studio in Paris in July.

The songs all have piano parts and represent a true change in my sound.

Now is planned the recording of the vocal parts before mixing and mastering.

Here are a few pics taken during the recording sessions:

Aurélien Ouzoulias with drums june 2015 with the good old Jazz Bass - July 2015 Julien Vonarb on the guitar - July 2015


Also, I have added some old videos out of youtube back when I was playing gigs in Australia and even before when I was playing with my cousins & pals Matthieu Latour (drums) & Cyrille Latour (bass): great moments.

That’s all for now, but the next step will be once “Rain” is ready.






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